Neli Koycheva


Ph.D. in Musicology and Musical Art.

Vocal Teacher


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I would like to share my story with you…

When I graduated my specialty of classical singing, I had my belief that I will be singing on the opera stage, and later on, I will be teaching. Though, life itself decided instead of me something completely different. When I was departing with my teacher – Prof. Elena Baldjieva, her last words toward me were: “You will sing, and you will teach.”

Though back then I didn’t know that it would be our last meeting ever. It was just three days afterwards when she left the world forever. We all, her students were in shock. It wasn’t just losing of our classical singing teacher, but it also meant that we lost the person, to whom we had entrusted our future, and believes. She was a fine, artistic and noble human, with a big heart, fabulous singer, and a pedagogue. Her voice was just so much beautiful, and easy to remember. Also, the technique, with which she was controlling her voice was brilliant and perfect. And because of the fact I had specialized vocal method for two years, and had worked with all of her students, after her decease, all of them gave to the president of the music academy a petition, that they wish to continue their training under my guidance. It was a giant shock to me. I was just 26 years old, and yet I had to take up the responsibility of the class of Prof. Elena Baldjieva’s students.

 The students were from the Musical Academy, and from The National Musical School in Plovdiv. Thus, the wheel of my professional life started turning. Instead of the stage, I turned out to be behind the piano in the classical singing study as a teacher. At the same place, where recently, I was a student, I became a teacher.

 A lot of years passed by since then, so many students of mine graduated and flew as if in different parts of the world. Some of them are worldwide famous, on the top of the opera classics. Others are Soloists of opera theaters in Bulgaria, and throughout the world. And some of my students became teachers in various Music Schools and Universities.


 I graduated The Academy of Music, Dance, and Fine Arts “Prof. Asen Diamandiev” in Bulgaria, Plovdiv. My bachelor’s degree is Classical Singing specialty where my teacher was the vocal pedagogue and famous opera actress Elena Baldjieva – a student of the founder of Bulgarian national operatic style – Prof. Hristo Brambarov. I have also completed the full course of study a Musical Pedagogy degree.

Thus, I have Master’s Degree in Classical Singing and Master’s Degree in Vocal Pedagogy.

I have Educational and Academic Degree DOCTOR of Speciality Musical Science and Musical Art on grounds of defended Dissertation on: “Songs of Charles Ives. Creative philosophy and performance  matters”, published in Bulgaria, as a Monograph. I am glad that along during preparing, I managed to perform in Bulgaria for the first time the songs of the American composer Charles Ives, not just via theoretical examination, but also accomplishing 10 concerts in various cities in Bulgaria, as well as one in Vienna.

I have Post-Graduation Specialization of Methods of Teaching Classical Singing , and Post-Graduation Specialization of Work with Conductor, with one of best Conductors in Bulgaria – Maestro Georgi Dimitrov.

Completed Master Classes with:

Prof. Margarita Lilova, Prof. Brian Mol, Prof. Andreas Lebeda . Prof. Irina Shtiglich, Prof. Norman Shetlard, Aoyama Sensei, and others. For 10 years, I have been working interpretation of different styles with Prof. Irina Shtigilch – an expert in German music, a famous and highly respected musician and pedagogue.

During my studies and even at present, I am visiting the master classes of Professor Norman Shetlard – a teacher from University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna in regard of interpretation of the various classical music styles.

 I managed to lead an interesting professional road. It was a challenge for me to work with so many and various, talented young people with complicated characters in the hardest youthful age. It was the one and only purpose of mine: to preserve what I have been learned from my teachers, to enrich and develop further. I was always running away of people who were trying to change me.

I was learning, and learning, and learning. Performed many concerts, solo parts in oratorios. But the most of all, I was a teacher, tracking out young talents, teaching them, sending them to competitions, directing them where to continue their study or professional road. Thus, they graduated, starting their own professional road. I had a vision of every single student of mine, wanted to inspire them, give them knowledge, self-confidence, and individuality. I have never supported teaching by the imitation manner. A style, of which the students are being equalized, but the individual opportunities of each one is being restricted.

My Career

Teacher of Classical Singing at National School of Music and Dance “Dobrin Petkov”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 
Teacher of Classical Singing at Academy of Music, Dance, and Fine Arts “Prof. Asen Diamandiev”, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Teacher of Classical Singing at Paisiy Hilendarski University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Ten years ago, in my life, a big and unexpected change occurred. Circumstances lead me to the far away- beautiful and mystical Japan. At first, I was believing that I will be in Japan for one year, and I will go back to Bulgaria, but as always, I was thinking that I was planning one thing, but life, completely reversed it to the opposite. And here I am yet ten years teaching classical singing and giving concerts in the fabulous Japanese halls, to the noble Japanese audience.

I am extremely glad of meeting the fabulous musician and artist, Ms Michiko Hanibuchi – a pianist and singer, who trusted me and we both lead together quite a lot of concerts. Together, with Ms Tae Nakano – voice soprano, and Ms Emiko Nomura – piano and Cembalo, we created the Collegium Rameau Kobe, where we founded A School for Singers, who are being trained under my guidance. Every year we are conducting The Festival of Baroque Music, with Master Class, and a concert of singers, accompaniment of Harpsichord, Lute, and Viola da Gamba. In our school there are beguines and professional singers.

Three years ago, I have been invited to teach vocal techniques and interpretation in Studiobelcanto -Tokyo, where my lectures are being visited mainly of professional singers, preparing roles, concerts, or going to competitions.

 I give my gratitude to everyone, who provided me with the honor and the trust to work with me.   Thus, even today I am following the words of my own teacher: to sing and teach.