How COVID-19 Reflects to singers

All singers have dynamic and active professional life.

Every day train the body and sing for several hours. Every next performance is setting to us new tasks, requiring to study and research new scores, music interpretation and artistic preparation.  COVID-19 implemented restrictions to our professional live, and affected us very much. Staying at home without a new vision for next months or years stole our activity and professional inertia. Canceling of many events, for which a lot of efforts were done, made negative psychological effect to the performer.

In this exact period is very important for the performer to make a task or tasks in order to support his emotional  condition, which will help him continue his work and keep his professional level. Moreover, in such occurred period, the performer can analyse his professional road and optimize by improving some moments of his singing.

On the other hand, if we reduce our activity and stop the practice of singing, some negative processes in  the voice would happen

  • Lack of physical activity leads to losing the tone of the abdominal group of muscles. The singers will notice that the breathing has gone up and inhalation became noisy.

  • The vibrato becomes larger.

  • Due to above the singer will start using his throat because of the lack of strong “appoggio”

  • Missing the strong appoggio leads to reducing of the proper feeling for “high position”

Every professional singer knows how big efforts and  years of studying he spent to build his own voice. And only a couple of months in lack of professional activity are enough to reduce his level and to lower the singers skills and stereotype.

In this line of thinking, it is necessary to be said that there are 3 levels of developing of every singer:

  1. Beginner – to establish the bases of the vocal knowledge and to start with creation of vocal habits. It is well to sing only easy songs and arias. Preferable to start with Baroque and Romantic stiles.

  2. Advanced Student – In this level, the singer’s skills are specified and transformed in the system of knowledge. In this period the singer normally performs not heavy operatic arias and songs from various styles.

  3. Professional singers, where all the skills are well automated and the singers have a freedom to think mainly over the interpretation. The singer can sing, and control alone his carrier and singer’s live.

But in each one of above mentioned levels, it is necessary to have a work with a vocal coach. For the singer is difficult to listen on a 100% reflection of own voice. Even professional singer would hardly catch by himself the small nuances of his own voice, which otherwise the vocal trainer would find.  For example the singer alone could not detect, when the “metallic” sound dominates over the noble colours in the voice. That is a sing for forcing the voice more than it is necessary. But the ear of vocal teacher will detect this wrong practice before it becomes a bad habit.

My hot advise to all singers, is not to lose the connection with a teacher, especially in the moments like the spring of 2020.

Keep your spirit up and voice on  a “High Position”!

With respect:

Neli Koycheva


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