Stuttering and Singing

About 1 % of people on the Planet suffers of speech disorders like stuttering. Rumor said that some of famous singers in the world had suffer from that, like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe  and some others.
It is interesting that the one who stutters in most of the cases could sing or could speak smoothly when they are alone, or when they are talking to their pets. They also could speak smoothly if reading simultaneously a text with other people.


There are many kind of therapies, but recently the singing therapy is the one of most successful suggested in case of stuttering. Some of the exercised, typical for singing are using.

For example:

Training to relax the mandible and tong;

Training of the low breathing;

Training of the sound attack similar to the vocal attack;

Training of speech technics for singers;


In the psychological point of view the singer is realizing a contact with the audience. In case a malicious and heavy critics to the singer or his performance is made, it may have a negative printout in his mind. People with speech difficulties,  should not be interrupted when thy speak. Their speech must be listened with respect. The critics, mimics or sarcasms must never be used in contacts with them.
During the classical speech dialog between two or more people, the stuttering man is worry about the reaction of the listener. In the process of singing the same person generally knows the song by hard. He is not searching for the words and as a result there is no any “communicative pressure”

In singing the construction of the sound is different, searching for the special resonators in the body.  However the singing and the speech are parts of same process.  The use the same anatomic parts of the body, but the mind separate them as a two different actions. Daily exercises and training are very important and lead to stable success among the singers and for the people who would like to improve their speaking.

The coach is searching for individual approach to the singer, who studies vocal technique. He works in  this direction in order to have positive results. In the same way working to overcome the stuttering requires the teacher to find individual work with every one.

I strongly believe in the power of singing. It is not only aesthetic but it is good for every one and may help in may ways.

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