Swiss Watch

Some time ago I presented to my husband a watch from a famous brand. Despite the good brand, it disappointed me so much because it soon started to work incorrectly. The warranty period repair lead to nothing. This beautiful watch continued to work with much delay incorrectly.
It stayed for more than a couple of years until we found one very old clocksmith – Kinoshita san. He found out the watch has very good mechanism, but only one small tiny bolt was not properly tighten. After his repair the watch returned to normal exact measuring of the time and that watch is again on my husband`s hand.

The human voice is the same fine and elegant mechanism as a Swiss watch. The vocal strings are pair of fine muscles with ivory color. They can vibrate with their whole length or with a small part. It is difficult to imagine how this small find parts of our body can fill a big concert hall with sound.

All the time, we singers train our body in a way of how to transform it in a proper stable resonator for these small pair of strings. But, if only one part of our body is not organized according to the vocal rules, “The Swiss Watch” can not work exactly.
One example: if the singer strains the fingers of the hands, that makes the vocal muscles tight, and the sound suffers.
This is how small matters reflect to the correct singing. At that point it comes the vocal trainer, who will find the problem, and can give special exercises for getting rid of the bad habit.

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One thought on “Swiss Watch

  1. I am so pleased and thankful for the fact that Neli Koycheva was my vocal teacher in school. She gave me a wide range of knowledge and skills, wich serve me well in my professional way as a teacher and performer.
    Thank you so much, Mrs. Koycheva!
    Wish you all the best!

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