Voice – The Musical Instrument Everyone Has

About the voice

With the current publication, I will try to expand the readers knowledge more about the singer’s voice with a scientific, but in the same time accessible for understanding of the main principles of work.
We, the singers are born with our instrument. Ever since childhood, the voice is revealing its own qualities, power, timber, beautiful voice, and correct intonation. If some parents direct their child to a choir, vocal band or to some individual studies. , they should be precised in selecting of the pedagogue or the conductor. About the child’s voice, it is ought to be working delicately, without forcing the fragile voice. The voice’ training of a child is different than that of a professional singer.

Teenage years

After the teenage mutation process has finished, which happens around 17-18 years old, the professional training of the voice may start. Selecting your vocal pedagogue carefully. If he/she has qualified vocal pedagogue,  but not just be a singer. Because, for the pedagogue, except being able to sing, he should be able to teach, be aware of the anatomy, and physiology of the voice, and also psychology as well as many theoretical aspects.  Qualified pedagogue has more scientist approach to teaching referring to the theory and combine with practice of learning. It is what is not included in the singing major usually. Except being a professional, for the teacher is good to have a steady character, not to be nervous but to work methodically, without pressing the student, which is very important in the teenage years.

Teaching process

If your vocal coach, during the study course, requires of you only to imitate him, without developing your individual singing qualities and properties, or experimenting with your voice, without having proper method of work and style, then it is good for you to switch your teacher with someone else. Same goes if the teacher use to try some pedagogical skills which he heard from here and there and not based on methodical program you have to run away of him.
I am explaining now in detail the choice of the lecturer, because the first lecturer is the most important for the development of a singer. From the very beginning, the main habits as a singer are laid, and if they happen not to be proper ones , after that it is very difficult, even impossible, to be corrected later on.
The voice is the only musical instrument that has neither spare materials, nor can ever be repaired. If it gets damaged due to incorrect singing, it can never get restored completely.
Even more, if we are using our instrument during the whole time, even in our daily life, we are talking. It is subjected on virus infections, inflammations, or tiredness. We can not put it in a case or a box, and thus give it a rest until the next repetition or a concert.

Most difficult instrument

That is why the responsibility of the singers to their own voices is huge.
The singers voice is the most difficult instrument there is. The reason of this is, that we can never hold it in our hands, examine and observe it’s work. We can not use our optical perceptions for easy of the control of the voice. Some student chose self education based on imitation or practicing of methods learned from many source based on their own research. Research is good itself to gain more knowledge. But is is important to know the that self evaluation could be very tricky and put the singers in very wrong way.


With the help of our teacher, slowly, but patiently with love, and thus, we are ought to obtain habits, auditory estimation, intuition and control over the whole body.
Along with the singing study, we should learn to take care of our voice.
The voice is a nature gift, that is superb, and unique. If we get used to the knowledge of controlling and working with it correctly, we can set up a long-lived and successful singing career.

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